Covid19 thoughts

Alrighty here we go with finally posting some blog content. Seeing as the world is burning I thought this would be a good subject to cover since it does pertain to small business as well as the overall flow of life currently.


To  me this covid19 pandemic can be summed up in two words. Total Shit-show. People are throwing punches over toilet paper and stocking up on perishables. Sometimes I just want some damn eggs for my Saturday breakfast and up until Wednesday I couldn't find any.

   Anyways how is it affecting my world? Well currently most my spring schedule has asked to push back their projects till summer or fall. I'd say roughly half have done this which isn't to bad considering I usually over book myself and have to crank out 16hr days every day of the week just to stick to the schedule I've made. Not complaining because I genuinely love what I do from prep to the final coat. What I have noticed is people trying to low ball small companies or try to take advantage of this whole Covid thing. Here's a great example from my inbox the other day. I had a customer with a two thousand ft area he wanted coated. Full flake system so I told him it was the five dollars per sq ft prep and install. I'm assuming he didn't do any research before reaching out because he said he was blown away by that price point. I consider myself to be on the lower price end because I don't have much overhead and my shits all paid off. I gave him the breakdown on how the floor is installed and why it costs what it does. I didn't hear from him for about three days. Then I get a message around eleven o'clock at night saying that when I'm hungry to tell him and he'll gladly pay me six grand for the job.

    To be an adult and understand what small businesses are facing is important, to be this guy and try to capitalize on it is ridiculous. The economy is going to take a shit and that's real life and people know it. A lot of small companies are going to be forced to either close up shop or take out these loans to help get by. I think this is a great time for people to realize you can't just focus on one stream of income with no back up plan. 


Well that's enough ranting for this afternoon, ignore my horrible spelling errors because I can't seem to figure out spell check on this blog editor. Stay safe out there and if you find anywhere with a lot of eggs let me know. Peace