Give your floor that one of a kind WOW factor

Give your floor that one of a kind WOW factor

Learn about marble and metallic epoxy flooring systems

Metallic Marble floors are becoming one of the most popular floors when it comes to seamless floors. With the ability to combine endless colors and achieve one of a kind looks it's easy to see why. You can keep it simple and subtle or use drastic colors to take your floor to the next level. Every floor is a one of a kind work of art and the end results never fail to amaze people. These floors are a great way to give your floor a high end look that is extremely durable.

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Explore endless color combinations

The great thing about marble and metallic epoxy flooring is that no two floors will ever look the same. With a variety of colors to choose from and combine, you can custom-create the look you desire. We can create:

  • A white and gray marbled appearance for your home's entryway
  • A silver metallic finish for your garage or basement floors
  • A gray marbled look for your commercial space
  • A classic black and white combination for your kitchen

Our process includes four coats to ensure quality results. Contact us today to get a quote on an epoxy flooring system.