Durable and Decorative Epoxy Floors

Durable and Decorative Epoxy Floors

Learn about our full flake epoxy system

Whether you are looking to put the finishing touches on your basement floor or dress up your garage floor, our flake flake system is the right choice. These floors not only give you a finished look they are extremely durable and long lasting. With an unlimited combination of colors and sizes you can make your floor as unique as you want. They also work great for commercial areas that have high traffic. These are our most popular floors as well as economical.

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Details about our installation process

When you hire Royal Epoxy for an epoxy flooring system installation, you can expect quality work and exceptional service. We have over 11 years of experience and are trained in a variety of installation techniques.

During your installation, we'll:

  • Patch any cracks with a rapid-cure filler
  • Diamond-grind the area to be coated
  • Apply a vapor-block epoxy primer
  • Seal the area with an epoxy coating
  • Remove any loose chips or ridges
  • Vacuum and remove loose flakes
  • Apply a polyaspartic topcoat

Our epoxy coating is five times thicker than most DIY kits on the market. Call now to discuss all your flooring needs.