Driven's shop floor

My friend Ethan was in the process of laying out the design for his new automobile wrap and tint shop and wanted something to add a little extra pop to the floors. After kicking around a few ideas and going back and forth on color options we finally made a decision. We went with a medium gray and purple mix for the main body color of flakes and decided to do the parking bays in a solid gray flake. This not only gave the floor a great contrast but also doubled as making it easier to find any small pieced that may fall from the car and land on the floor.

For this project we used E2U's fast cure epoxy 6150. I believe it was medium gray for the basecoats. We used the fast cure poly 85 for the topcoat. There was alot of prep to be done on the floor from patching and crack filling. Once all the boring stuff was done we got to work on laying out the different bays. We decided on doing five of them so that each one would serve a different purpose in the shop. We chalk lined them out and taped them off then got to coating them. Once they were coated and cured we scraped the excess flake and vaccumed them up before sealing the areas with the poly85.

The next day we got all the flakes for the main areas of the floor ready and went to town applying the epoxy and broadcasting flakes. Once it was done we called it a day and decided to finish the next morning. Early morning we were back to scrape and clean up. Applied the poly85 to the remaining areas of the floor and it was good to go.

One of the main reasons shops choose to do their floors is because it makes the floor easier to clean, reflects light making the shop brighter, and gives it that finished look. Lets be honest would you rather pull your car into a nice looking shop to have it worked on, or one that looks like a big dirty warehouse?